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Just another Sunday

Posted by Btappan , 13 January 2013 · 24 views

It's Sunday, the Patriots are on today! I always feel great when they are on because my mind is only on the game. It sounds funny that a female and a mom is so into football but its my escape! I clean the house before the game, put on music while doing so and I'm brought to a happy place. I never thought that I would be able to find a happy place but I did. A lot of hard work with my therapist I've been able to snap myself out of feeling sorry for myself. I truly believe that I just may be a better parent because of my childhood, I'm aware that even family members can't be trusted. My girls are very protected! I'm hoping my husband comes to my therapist with me this week. He's addicted to Instagram, spends all his time on that damn site. It feels like my replacement. Numerous fights over IG and it's the main topic I discuss with my therapist Deirdre. She'd like to meet him, in almost 4 years she's never met him. When I ask if he will go he responds with "if I have to". That gets me really mad! I think and sometimes speak without thinking, don't I mean enough to you to fix this issue? I'll update when and if he does come along!

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