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Its been a while

Posted by Joy21 , 08 December 2013 · 104 views

So ...
It been a long time since i felt the need to write here but here i am again!
Once again its about my parents or the lack of tbh.
alot has changed since the last time i was here, I have left my home town and moved to a new house and I love it out here. I also started college which is difficult but im managing.
So basically my prob is  parents had a baby a year ago and I lover with all my heart. but ihavent seen her since nov 3. My parents wont come out and visit and any time they come out which has been a whopping two times in the last 2 months my sister is asleep and they dont want to wake her so one of them will stay at home with her.
Their whole attitude towards me is disgusting and they dont even see how horrible they are.they think its fine, and are very happy with their little family back home and they dont have to worry about the black sheep aka me, outa sight outa mind kind of thing.
The worst part about it is how much it hurts, i know some where dep down they care but at the end of the day they dont like me and i certainly dont like them all i worry about is my sister and how their emotional bankruptcy will ruin her unless i can form a solid bond with her, which at the mo i cant because im not aloud see her.
and for a little background information my dad told me when my mom was pregnant that i was a failed experiment and hopefully they will get it right this time, he said it as joke but the meaning was very clear to me !!!!!

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