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wide awake... again !... I shudnt have asked him :/

Posted by Joy21 , 01 February 2013 · 111 views

so im sitting in the arm chair in our bedroom jealously watching james sleep, well im watching greys anatomy aswell. once again there is nothing up just not tired but at the same rime all i want is to be asleep in his arms having my mental dreams as always. when i say mental i mean it in a good way 99% of the time my dreams are awesomely weird lol/ The other morning i woke up and at that moment when your between sleep and awake actually said "I want to work in a flower shop" not my weirdest dream but james found it very funny.
I asked james i wanted him to be the perfect bf for one day on my bday and i feel kinda bad about it cuz honestly he is as close to perfect as u can get in my eyes anyway, he fools arund alot very sarcastic and always sneaking up on me to give me a fright but not in a bad way and i think its funny not that ill ever tell him that lol so i dont think i shud have asked him but i honestly didnt mean it in a bad way i just meant i wanted him to be sweet and gentle just for a little while cuz i no he can be that way.

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