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Everything "ok" but then why can't I sleep

Posted by Joy21 , 11 January 2013 · 92 views

Ok I dunno if any ones reading this or if its even gonna make sense !!

Right now everything is going really well in my life I have my own place a wonderful boy friend and there is a peaceful stalemate between me and my folks ( not that they realise there is ever a problem) and best of all I have a wonderful baby sister !!!

But the last two nights in a row this feeling of unease settles over me round this time and I can't shake it there is nothing majorly wrong in any aspect of my life so I I shouldn't be feeling this way and since I can't explain this feeling or why it's there I feel like I can't tell any one.

I know if there was something serious wrong I could wake my bf but since he's up for work in 3 hours that Wundt be fair to him !!

I feel like tearing my hair out because something is wrong but at the same time NOTHING IS WRONG !!!


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