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i have been told i am ugly many a time and i am starting to really believe this

Posted by deebarr , 10 January 2013 · 108 views

for the past 2 years now, i have been discreetly using dating sites, in the hope of meeting a lady who i can form a long-term relationship.
but not one person has taken a liking to me or has even posted to me showing interest.

i know my confidence is very low but i never knew it was this bad.
i was never confident about my looks even when i was younger,...


i found my newspaper articles. i couldnt post them on to my profile page as its too large. so ill post to here

Posted by deebarr , 08 January 2013 · 200 views


ASICK gang has been waging a hate campaign against a sex abuse victim - and taunted him by saying twisted rapist and killer Trevor Hamilton was one of his tormentors.

Abuse survivor David Barr was told Hamilton, the depraved monster who murdered pensioner Attracta Harron as she returned from morning mass over six years ago, ha...


hello everyone :)

Posted by deebarr , 07 January 2013 · 112 views

my name's david and i am from n.ireland

i am 35 years of age and i am a surviver also.

i just wanted to say hi to everyone and i hope i can make a few friends on here.

take care for now and i hope to speak to yous soon.

bye for now :)

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