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Sometimes I wonder...

Posted by Wither , 10 June 2013 · 160 views

Sometimes i wonder what it would be like to be a combat veteran, someone who has been in heavy fighting, seen terrible things, maybe done terrible things. Afterward, come back home and try to live a "normal" life. I don't wonder what it would be like to do, see or hear terrible things in wartime. I think I already know. What really interests me is what it's like to be a combat vet diagnosed with PTSD. Would my life be any easier? Would doctors, friends, loved ones try to understand and want to hear about my pain? Would I be heard? Would people understand and perhaps even admire my struggle to live a happy life??

I think yes.

Most days I wish I had been a soldier and been in heavy combat.

I know exactly how you feel, its part of why I became a Marine, but I missed the war. Hoping another one starts soon, I know that sounds weird- but all of us prefer war to being on base.
I hear you.

That if there was something 'visible' it might be easier to have support than fighting this silent invisible battle...

That may be true but in the end it is only one layer of the pain - and friends/family can be unsupportive of combat veterans too.


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