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My Inability to Say "No"

Posted by JDB , 05 April 2013 · 40 views

Adverb - ďA negative used to express dissent, denial, or refusal, as in response to a question or request.Ē Dictionary.com

No Ė such a little word with so much power, however, the abused seem to have no power to utter it when needed. My next confession is that I have an inability to say no.

I have been keenly aware that uttering this word has been a h...


Dealing With Depression

Posted by JDB , 28 March 2013 · 36 views

When I wrote about Rachel's battle with depression, it was really a confessional on my part. Just like her, it's been a constant battle on and off medication. Rachel states, "When I think Iíve got the depression beat, I go off the pills and feel cheerful for a few months. Then stress, loneliness, and heartache take their toll again, and Iím c...


Struggling With Issues of Self-Esteem

Posted by JDB , 02 February 2013 · 42 views

Reposted from my Blog on Wordpress: Conflicting Hearts

For most of my life, my self-esteem has been in the toilet. Iíve been back in therapy for almost two months. I know itís not much, but I can say I think my self-esteem has made it to the toilet seat.Ē

He laughs. ďWell, thatís a powerful analogy.Ē

ďHey, works for me. One of these days, I hope to ge...


Connection Between Obesity and Sexual Abuse

Posted by JDB , 13 January 2013 · 70 views

The article I'm about to share with you deserves attention. I came across it this morning, "Obesity: An Insidious Effect of Childhood Trauma ." Frankly, I'm not surprised this is true, but I'm surprised it's taken so long for the medical community and others to put two and two together. It states, "Vincent Felitti, a professo...


Fears and Worries

Posted by JDB , 05 January 2013 · 48 views

Note to Readers: This blog is connected to my WordPress blog regarding my fictional novel entitled "Conflicting Hearts ," which is my story of childhood sexual abuse set into a story. It deals with the effects of abuse upon an adult woman's ability to have a healthy, loving relationship with a man. Quoted material comes from the text of the b...


Brick Walls and Disassociation

Posted by JDB , 29 December 2012 · 51 views

Rachel is a complex person, who represents me and many others who have been sexually abused. The experience leaves us with coping mechanisms to protect ourselves when we feel threatened. Unable to keep healthy boundaries throughout life, I found myself constructing brick walls and disassociating myself from others when pressured. Here is Rachelís take...


Believing in Love

Posted by JDB , 23 December 2012 · 40 views

My story of abuse was written into a fictional book. I created a character by the name of Rachel Hayward, who is really me in disguise. She embodies my fears, thoughts, beliefs, low self-esteem, and every other aspect of the effects sexual abuse had upon my life.

One of Rachelís weaknesses, among other things, is her inability to believe in love. This...

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