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empty, lonely, and broken hearted

Posted by bellaroo , 21 February 2013 · 76 views

just because your in a crowded room doesnt mean that you arent lonely. Just because your in a crowded room doesnt mean that you arent empty or broken....
thats how I feel....I just feel so lost, so sad. I feel like no one really cares about my feelings, Have they ever? NO!!! so why would they start now? I feel like im ant on the floor in everyones life....no one sees me...and when they finally do, they want me out of their life or try to get rid of me. I shouldnt feel like this but i do.
I feel like no one ever asks my opinion..they just keep assuming....
FUCK FUCK FUCK....so frustrated

Im sorry for you going thrue that. I know what it is like, but the point is that ONLY YOU can value yourself. If you value and love yourself others will do it.
It is the way it works and it took me many years to get it....:-) But I am sure that you get it more fast, when you start to value, to listen to yourself.
YOu become what you think. :metoyou:

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