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help... :(

Posted by bellaroo , 10 February 2013 · 69 views

so much stress, jesus!!! I just cant handle it all. Its so sad that when i was younger I dreamed of being older and being an adult. EXCUSE ME THIS SHIT SUCKS.....from age 6- till now Ive lived a very unhappy life, and I still am. I dont do well with stress FUCK!!!!!!!!! I just want it all to end. PLEASE SOMEONE TAKE AWAY ALL THE PAIN AND THE STRESS...im at the end of my rope :gaah: :bawling:

Plus valentines day is coming up this week...so just another fucking memory!!! la de fricken da!!!!!

I feel like if its not one thing, its another, and it always happens to me!!! I get shit on. why cant i have a happy life? why cant i live the life everyone wants me to?

I wish for the life of me that things would just get better!!! i just wish that things would get better... my taxes got fucked up so now im screwed....GAHHH..what more can happen, I dont think that i will see a dime of it...so im fucked. have no gas money. have nothing...ive never been like this before...holy shit my stress level is soo high. I feel so bad, im in such an awful mood, and i dont want people to think im snapping at them or mad at them. I just am literally at the end of my rope

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