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so alone

Posted by bellaroo , 14 January 2013 · 43 views

I know that im not but I feel so alone. I feel like no one understands the real effects of what my molester took did too me. Most people nod there head and agree and say that they understand....but lets be honest? no one knows unless you are a victim/survivor.

Im so tired of having the same dream over and over again my molestor is trying to undress me and "play" with me and then all the people I care about come in and help him molest me and do whatever he wants to me. I was so excited I had one good dream this week...the rest are the same!! im so tired of seeing his face, remembering his smell, his body, his eyes, his hair,his hands,unfortunetly his genitals...I just want it all to be over with...I am tired of it all. :cry:

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