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Dark-Winged Angels With Broken Wings

Posted by CrushedAngel24 , 07 December 2012 · 33 views

I feel so unimportant...Today I turned 24, but what does it all mean...not much...today the man who stole my teenage years came by and tried to steal the one light in my life...how do i pick up the pieces....where do i start...every man who has come into my life seems to exhibit some sort of pedophilia...it seems like I'm seeking out what I fear the most...pedophiles...at first I thought it was the guys preying on me which was true when I was 16 but now as a consenting adult, I dont know why I keep dating the same guy...just different races...different faces...different age...the guy I am dating now is some 20yearold mexican and he is even worse than the last...he constantly sniffs his fingers...his best friend is gay...he may be the father of his ex-girlfriends baby and he has done cocaine and smokes weed...hes awful...hes been fired from jobs because of performance issuese and he isnt smart at all....I dont know why I am with him...He smells...hes fat...has body acne...and dirty feet...maybe this is how i feel on the inside...like the men I choose....unworthy and dirty....I hate him...I dont want to be with him...hes a child...I'll never marry him....Im back in school...this time I chose a real major..early childhood education...that'll take me far and help me become stable...maybe I can get away from my dysfunctional mother...yea I'm truly cursed...my mother is a lesbian although she was married to my father for over 35years and had beau
children she hates men and she is pedophilic in nature always staring at me and trying to rub against me she suffers from frotterism I learned that in the psychology class I am taking although shell never admit it...today was my birthday...im so alone in this world...i just want to take care of my daughter and not have her suffer from molestation or rape like me....

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