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Love Slave/ Ashes

Posted by defiantinthedark , 22 November 2012 · 35 views

For months after you were gone
I would shut my eyes in bed and see our kitchen through the doorway on one side
On the other Id see you lying next to me, one eye glaring from under dark hair
I could still feel the chill of that underground room
It was like I was still there

You werent gone, you were "not there"
In the wake of your new absence
You were still everywhere, up close and too personal in my mind
Even thousands of miles apart, I was tied about your little finger like string
I lived to meet your whims, I died inside always failing to please

These days I cant remember your voice, but still other things I remember too well
Im different now, not so easily duped after having hit the rockbottom of gullibility
I just remember the tears,
The dull ache that lived in my chest all the time I lived with you
And I wonder how I couldve ever lived like that

Nothing can be taken back or changed
The only thing that haunts me now is the regret and the rage
But only sometimes
Dawn has broken my internal darkness
And the memories, one by one, blow away as ashes

You have no power over me
The spell was broken, and I saw you for the trembling bully you were
Your punishment will be knowing yourself for what you really are
One day, you will be forgotten
By me, by the world, and blow away as ashes

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