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Defiant, In the Dark

Posted by defiantinthedark , 22 November 2012 · 29 views

My enemies have tried hard to thwart me
They used LOVE as a weapon to enslave me
Sent temptations and torments to draw me from my task
I can tell you, so many, there were so many
Who have tried to destroy my soul

I am still here

From the moment I burst forth into the world
The plot was on to crush me
I was held down, violated by dirty hands and mouths
For over a decade
A prisoner, a toy, little slave boy

I was made into a slave, to be used to make adults feel powerful
To relieve them of their animal urges, their sadism and rage
I can tell you, so many, there were so many
Who revealed to me what was really in their soul
Even as a teen, I was a device for Adults to feel supreme

I had not anyone to turn to for comfort
Love was a dirty word my captors used to try and fool me
I grew up, and the enemy found more ways to screw me
So accustomed to misery- I fell into Love's spell twice leading to hell
Never good enough, never good enough to be loved in return

My only worth was as servant, or so I thought I deserved
This was the scheme that almost succeeded-
For love I gave too much, almost everything- anything my Beloved needed
I woke up, and broke away
Oh by using my heart they almost won over me

My name is Defiant
I was a child in the dark
And in the dark that child remains, still standing in rain
This world has sure done its part, to get me to quit, to fall apart
I am still here


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