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just sorting myself out

Posted by Azzee , 10 July 2013 · 38 views

I just need to talk but don't want to do it in public. So I'll publish here. It's been a few stressful weeks. My mother (who's estranged) has been really demolishing my reputation in any which way she can. Mostly, she's been telling people that I'm mentally ill, manipulative and a liar. She firmly believes that my mental illness is from seeing a psychologist...that somehow, the psychologist has been able to convince me of a past that never happened. On the whole, I know that it's stupid. I know my past and I know what happened to me in 2008. I am shaken only because...this is MY "mother". And I'm still bothered by that.
I cannot fathom a mother speaking such evil about her own child...it's so foreign to me.

I'm also under police protection because of a case that I'm working on. This particular person threatened sexual violence. I'm grateful for the protection and yet, I'm also cynical. It's hard to verbalize.

Anyway...that's my rant for tonight.

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