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slowly getting better

Posted by jackie19 , 21 November 2012 · 27 views

Things seem to be slowly getting better...its taken a while for it to get to this point,but I'm thankful for it.I am gonna start going to group therapy and starting my own personal therapy in about two months.Either way I'm on my way to moving on and not letting this control my life anymore.I'm so excited to start over and start healing and me...



Posted by jackie19 , 10 November 2012 · 26 views

It feels like this has been the worst week.I have been struggling with my body and image.I feel so worthless and no good .I hate my body and how i look.Every time i look in the mirror all i see is this blob...i know deep down inside i should not feel this way...but i cant help how i feel about myself.I see beautiful women every were.Than their is me......


hanging in their

Posted by jackie19 , 01 November 2012 · 19 views

I'm so mentally unhealthy...i always think and wonder what i would of been like if i wasn't molested for so many years,i know its not my fault that it happened to me,i just want to have a healthy normal relationship with the man i love with all my heart.I cant but help feel like what happened to me is holding me back from true happiness.I feel so...


a new beginning

Posted by jackie19 , 29 October 2012 · 25 views

Hello my name is Jaclynn. My friends and family call me Jackie. I have never blogged before so bare with me. I am a survivor and i have not been to counselling, or to a therapist. I am pretty much doing this on my own..i want to heal and change so badly, it has been tough for me that past three years dealing with all of my emotions. I hope at the end of a...

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