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Posted by one.day. , in Draft story 1. 02 April 2013 · 81 views

I'm not very good at writing but I'm thinking if I can concentrate on writing a draft story, it'll give me something to focus on - a distraction.


Surely this will have to end? The rain pounds, mercilessly on the concrete paving. All of nature's energy appeared to rinse the city of any colour. Miserable grey streaks of water, plumeting down the drains and waterlogging roads, paths and gardens. The flow still reflecting the busy city life. Car and building lights melting down the street. Ambers and scarlets slipping away from their original shadow and mnerging in the dank metalic blur.

A car horn blares interwined with the sound of the rain.
'Hey!' I manage to shout, although it is muffled by the wind. This is my best friend and partner. So what? We don't see eye to eye on everything but what couple does? He loves the city, I love the sea. I like quiet nights and he likes the bustle of local bars. I make a mental note to check our bank statements. Since, he was fired last month, we have taken to live off my lousy wage.

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