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Gifts of Christmas

Posted by one.day. , 03 December 2015 · 68 views

Christmas never had many happy memories. There's a handful of happy ones that I cling to. I remember when my mother still lived with us so I must have been young, she would hold my hand through the town. Tell me not to trip on the cobbled streets. She would always be watching her clock so she would be home before my step father. She wasn't allowed out. W...



Posted by one.day. , 29 November 2015 · 58 views

Brick after brick, encircled. An endless drop. Too dark to see the fall. What little light above taunts and threatens; seeming a life time away. The distance a constant reminder of how far you plunged. Scrambling, screaming, searching to regain the climb. Tumbling debris at every grip. A body's weight entirely in the balance of a single hand. Suspended pa...


*t* love

Posted by one.day. , 24 April 2015 · 105 views

He told you. He warned you - that he was no good. You heard the words, I am the thing that grows deep and dark in your stomach. You didn't stop to think that wasn't normal. You thought somehow your pathetic ways would help him. He said he would tear the light away from you. Guess what? He did. You never looked at yourself. Self pitying, silly little girl....


t - glass

Posted by one.day. , 06 April 2015 · 212 views

How do you pick yourself up, when there are so many shards of broken glass? Glistening, taunting, tiny pieces spread across the blackened void. The touch so raw, so piercing. Grazing everyone around. Lost edges, missing parts, it can never be complete. Refracted light and distorted image. Mirroring maze. Trapped tight, pushing further, embedded deep in t...


Sit withs, if okay? *t*

Posted by one.day. , 13 February 2015 · 195 views

Sit withs,  if okay? *t* I'm not sure how to start this, I find it hard to talk about it but tonight things are just getting to me.
My boyfriend of six years broke up with me a few days after Christmas.  He says it was because I needed to sort my head out. I think I am depressed. He was all I had, I lived with him and I don't really have any friends who I can see. They all...


Hope Street *triggers*

Posted by one.day. , 16 November 2014 · 249 views

Hope Street. Nothing about the name is a metaphor. There is no hope on Hope Street. This is my home. Passing windows boarded up and smashed glass. It's a dark place. Cars blare music 24 7, blacked out, doing deals. Young girls standing out on the street with little to cover themselves. Boys huddled in circles. The drunken man slumped in a doorway. The fla...


fallen tree

Posted by one.day. , 09 November 2014 · 213 views

When you see that tree smothered in ivy - the crooked, broken one that is inevitably falling but from a glance looks like it is rooted firmly, just taking another path to the light after being hurt or beat. When the truth is it is standing dead. Scavengers feasting and taking over. The canopy no longer bright and full of diverse opportunity ....


*Triggers* Living with The monster

Posted by one.day. , 27 October 2014 · 172 views

*trigger warnings*
Heart racing, wide eyed, temperature rising. Tell me it worked. It has to work. Frozen, paralysed with grief. Tears streaming otherwise motionless. Inside- screaming, howling, clawing to escape. Just one more sip. One more drag. It has to stop. It has to be blocked. Hurry up chemicals, dissolve in the stream, magically fix me....


after escaping

Posted by one.day. , 08 August 2014 · 178 views


After escaping.

He would press my face against the mirror with his boot. I would have to repeat everything he said after him. I am ugly. I am worthless. My friends hate me. My family disowned me. I am lucky. He would press down harder if I was not loud enough or stumbled because I was crying. Other times, he would slam my face int...


What am I doing?

Posted by one.day. , 01 August 2014 · 204 views

Trigger warning

He kicked me off the bed but not so it bruised. I hit my head on the cupboard mirror and fell on my ankle that broke last year. The time something Bad happened again. He's only ever done something like this once, he grabbed me by the arm and pushed me down - threatening to call the police. I pushed him into asking whether the scars on his...

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