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Trouble Coping

Posted by one.day. , 18 June 2014 · 158 views

Sorry I keep changing my mind about this.

Make it stop.
Cold hard floor. The snow is coming.
Tiny bones shaking. Don't get noticed or the belt will strike. Knees grazed, welts seeping, swollen pain. Terror. Acceptance. Hatred. Starving stomachs, dirty faces, defeated eyes. Dragged and taunted. Kicked and beat. Why didn't you stop there?

Humiliation, degradation, disgusting little child. Broken bones, hard to breathe, suffocating life. Hurting her, hurting me, hiding from the truth. Forcing me, controlling her - photographs all the while.

Party days, drugged up ways, drunken all the time. Christian man, respectable, gathers all the men. Just a game, nothing more, showcase time. Make sure the boy's away. Just two girls who won't make a sound and will please them just the same.

Run away girls, one lost boy, life thrown away. Drugs and deals, fighting nights, sleeping through the day. Guitars and humming, melody to soothe the ache away. A fearful night and the girl got taken away.

Alone but safe. Gullible, silly, little girl. Away from him but still with him, he just won't go away. All is white and the machines beep. Love is taken away. Precious spirit. Beautiful child, never to be seen. Wrongfully taken, stripped away by he who held that belt. Heavy weight, dreary world.

Another monochrome day. Holding hands just when they were young, she never thought to take a double look. Water flowing, pounding noise, one locked door at home. Break it down. Break it down. Hold my hand, sister. Come with me, come with me. I watched that little girl slip away.

Your words are so full of emotion. I am sorry for all you went through. Your ability to express your pain with words is wonderful. Keep writing. Be gentle with yourself. Sitting with you if helps.

Thank you for sitting with me :metoyou:

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