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Self inflicted

Posted by one.day. , 23 November 2013 · 77 views

Lying on the floor clinging on to reality. Stationary but the entire room revolves with you. A diagonal perspective on a spinning axis. Your bones ache, your mind lost, your eyes fighting. The humming noise of metallic clashing, droning constantly. You daren't move, you don't want to, all that matters right now is being still. To forget the pains in your stomach, the self inflicted sickness. Frozen, your mind is free to wander. Walk the streets you vowed never to see again. He is there. He'll never go away. You never learn. He is part of you. He lurks in the shadows. He'll strike when you are weak. And right now, that is what you are. There is no pity, you should of stopped. But you never do. He lies submerged, concealed in every glass. His face, glittering in the lights. Proud. You don't notice. He will always be there, delighted in your fall. You won't get anywhere with him in your hand. Sure the blissful moments of peace are addictive but they are a false happiness that will take you his trap. Lured by your own self accord and negativity. Depressed, just so depressed.

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