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Posted by one.day. , 17 August 2013 · 141 views

Had a scary realisation today and don't know what to think...

+ Will you stop crying?
You're always mean to me.
+ Just shut up, hold it together.
It hurts, can I have a hug?
+ Don't be stupid, its just the past.
I don't understand, its happening now.
+ Just be quiet, you're driving me insane.

- Why don't you listen to her?
+ Don't you start. She's fine
- Look, she's in pieces. Help her.
+ She's not even real!!
- She is, she's just a little girl and you've left her. She's on her own. She's scared and in pain.

I can hear you... Why are you saying this? Is Kyle coming back? I don't want to stay with him. He'll never be my dad. He isn't nice.
+ Don't say his name.
- Why can't she? You said its all in the past, help her.
+ I'm not talking about it, its her mess.
- She's just a child.
+ And I'm an adult.
- Help her.
+ Just leave it!! I can't.
- Why?
+ Because she's me.

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