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I came back for you

Posted by one.day. , 03 August 2013 · 186 views

I lit a candle for you and watched the water take it away with the petals. The tide getting ever stronger, willing to pull me away. I came home, Sis. Its thundering and I'm sitting out here dangling my feet into the harbour. I'm not scared. Why? It always frightened me unless you sang to me and held me.

I can see our 'house', the boat house, the yard - its all there. As if time hasn't changed. I can see my younger self and you. I see him. I'm seeing it as a photograph but you are not still. I escaped that day and you endured him for more years of suffering.

There is our cove. Our play den, our sanctuary. I walk over the dividing wall, down the cobbled path. Balancing on the stones. Tonight, I'm going to count our stars but i'll be doing it alone. I even found our engravings inside the little cave. We must have been scared, they are tucked away in the darkest corner.

I have listened to the sea shells. They are echoing times of their past. Sis, is this an echo or is this real? I smell his fisherman's clothes but no one is there. Sis, you do know he's trying to capture me one last time? He won't let me go, even now, so why has coming home not fully upset me? Is it because it led me back to you? Or are you even here?


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