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Posted by one.day. , in Rambles 25 May 2013 · 223 views

But I'm hungry. We can't go any more days without.
Look I'm trying my best but we will have to wait.
How long?
We are all hungry. It's not just you. You never ate before so what do you care? Everything is always about you.
Look, just leave her alone Craig. You've been horrible to her since we left, it's not her fault.
Well you two may as well go back, I'm never stepping foot there again. So shut up and hurry up.

Me, my step brother and sister ran away from 'home'. I don't know how we did it. We stole our chance, grabbed some things and went. It was my brothers idea. Today, I saw a little girl and a teenage boy, he was playing the guitar and she was lying on the concrete. People walked straight passed them head down. Not wanting to know or see. I saw something in that scene that reminded me of my brother. My partner told me I was mad, that it was just an act for cash. I couldn't stop thinking about them. I bought a sandwich and water for them, I caught them in time. They were leaving, holding hands. I didn't know what to say, I said once this was me. The boy looked at me like I was crazy (must admit I felt it). The little girl didn't say a word. I was walking away and he said, she doesn't talk but she says thank you. Once, we started talking, he used my change to ring a relative and say he was ok. They didn't seem to care. He asked if there were any shelters, I explained where and they left. I don't know where or why or if should have phoned the police. My partner says I'm crazy

This is so sad to read.

Thank you for reaching out to those children.

I wish someone had reached out to you.
Thank you for being kind to them, it's things like that that really make a difference in the world :hug: if okay

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