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The good and the bad

Posted by one.day. , in Rambles 16 December 2012 · 59 views

I just needed remind myself of some good things right now :)/>

Things that help me sometimes:
* Playing the guitar
* looking back at happy photographs
* sewing
* make overs
* bubbly baths
* writing alternate endings to bad dreams
* volunteering
* just going out, even if I don't want to, feels like I've achieved something
* being near the beach
* reading
* ranting about trivial things to my friend
* running
* taking photos
* nature
* chocolate and the odd cry to The Notebook :P/>
* watching a film
* writing imaginary letters
* having a hug or knowing someone is there
* being heard
* outweighing the bad with good times or things (though I find this hard right now)
* being able to stay in a queue (I can't stand them, I get panicky so it feels I've accomplished something)
* having a quiet meal
* pandys :)/>

Some not so great things:
X crowded places
X smell of alcohol
X unexpected noises or actions
X smell of fishermen
X upsetting people
X having too much work
X not knowing how to help
X certain songs
X certain bible passages
X claustophobicness :(/>
X sitting too close
X public speaking
X too opinionated people
X losing people
X feeling walked over
X staying in one place too long
X not seeing how a situation can span out yet I like some spontaneous ideas...
X seeing people lose control
X going under water
X certain faces or expressions
X feeling scared and lonely
X letting the anger bubble to the surface
X arguing
X people being nice to me when I've been a jerk
X nightmares and flashes
X judged
X being hurt too much.

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