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lessons learnt

Posted by one.day. , in Rambles 30 August 2013 · 119 views

Haven't logged on in a few days, I've had some terrible flash backs and memories that I wanted to deal with since I found a box of sisters stuff :candle: :(

But, what I have learnt is:
- You hurt my baby, not me.
- You tricked me into blaming myself.
- You were the one that hurt my sister and brother, not me.
- You let me carry your guilt and s...



Posted by one.day. , 20 August 2013 · 96 views

I have good news that my plea of not guilty was accepted by the judge in court. He saw my abuser's actions as 'twisted'. But he doesn't know what he's done to me, to us. Past and present. That was for an assault on him, that I never did.

I had a hard time with first solicitor and now I have a new one and some extra help. I told them...



Posted by one.day. , 17 August 2013 · 100 views

Had a scary realisation today and don't know what to think...

+ Will you stop crying?
You're always mean to me.
+ Just shut up, hold it together.
It hurts, can I have a hug?
+ Don't be stupid, its just the past.
I don't understand, its happening now.
+ Just be quiet, you're driving me insane.

- Why don't you listen to her?
+ Don...


Religion question

Posted by one.day. , 06 August 2013 · 135 views

I visited a stone circle a few days ago. I love learning the history and beliefs that surround things like this. But I'm left not knowing what to think.

A woman approached me challenging my religion. She told that I will never move on from this life until I accept myself. I am a very shy person so I'm really nervous when I'm questioned and s...


I came back for you

Posted by one.day. , 03 August 2013 · 111 views

I lit a candle for you and watched the water take it away with the petals. The tide getting ever stronger, willing to pull me away. I came home, Sis. Its thundering and I'm sitting out here dangling my feet into the harbour. I'm not scared. Why? It always frightened me unless you sang to me and held me.

I can see our 'house', the boat h...


my vacation

Posted by one.day. , 01 August 2013 · 68 views

On the verge of tears. Its decided my family are going back to my childhood home as part of their holiday. They don't know. The majority of my past happened there. This trip is having good and bad reminders. I've had amazing memories that I thought I'd forgotten. That's what is tempting me to go back to my old home tomorrow but I don't...

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