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One Day at a Time


Droplets in a Spider's Web

Posted by one.day. , in Rambles 27 November 2012 · 69 views

A visit back to my hometown today. No words right now. Miss my sister so much right now. :candle:/> Just some ramblings to keep the hurt away.

A simple monosyllabic tone echoes throughout. The cry of a runaway against the prevailing winds and rain. She is alone in her time to fight. She must lose her sense of normality. She must not be in need or sh...


Mirror, Mirror - My reflection is disgusting *t*

Posted by one.day. , in Rambles 23 November 2012 · 60 views

mirror mirror on the wall
why wont you lie to me?
you leave me in a state of appall
when i hurt, i beg, i plea
for my reflection not to hurt
the reasoning for my disconcert

I just seem to hate everything about me. From how I look, speak and act. I know I should be happy with who I am. I get teary just thinking about it. I hate it. The worse part for me...


Its just going all wrong.

Posted by one.day. , in Rambles 21 November 2012 · 66 views

I can't seem to do anything right these days. My ex boyfriend and I are now on speaking terms. I know what he did was wrong and that I shouldn't go back. I have propally made things worse by keeping in contact but I can't cut him out. His mother rings asking how I am and that he loves me with all my heart. This makes things so hard. I try to e...


I never saved them. (my story)

Posted by one.day. , in Its all in the Past? - my story, Rambles 19 November 2012 · 226 views

Iíve struggled to speak out. I think if I am able to write some of what has happened, there could be hope that I will eventually say something aloud. I didn't finish it, I'm not in that place yet to be able to. I'm so very sorry that someone might read this but also very thankful at the same time. I've never seen everything in words. I tri...


I never saved them, 2. (my story)

Posted by one.day. , in Its all in the Past? - my story, Rambles 19 November 2012 · 65 views

The big brother role of c was lost. We slipped up when taking things and making home, we stayed in one place too long. C was making money but it was just getting spent on drugs. People would come looking for us and me or n would be beaten up if he couldn't be found.

We never left a place without him. Some days we would get desperate and think of go...


My Letter to D: You Trashed His Grave.

Posted by one.day. , in Rambles 12 November 2012 · 59 views

I don't know if anyone saw Jeremy Kyle today but there was a story about 3 girls trashing a grave. A grave for a baby who never made it into this world. I had never thought people would be that heartless and disgusting. It triggered me into writing an imaginary letter to the person who tried to destroy the grave and memory of my brother.



Good times gone bad

Posted by one.day. , in Rambles 04 November 2012 · 53 views

My head is spinning.

SoÖ last night, I thought I would do something a little crazy. I decided to accept a little job at singing in the pubs Ė what I didnít know is that I would be on stage in front of hundreds at a charity event. Panic, is not even the word to describe what was going through my head. I just wanted to be sick! Though, the amount of...


A New Day: A Good Day

Posted by one.day. , in Rambles 26 October 2012 · 43 views

So it's a new day...
Things have changed over time ~ somethings for the better, some not. But right now, I think I'm actually okay. I just want to some how use this blog as a type of diary to monitor my moods and maybe just rant :blush:/>

After yesterday's 'telling off' by my boss at a conservation park, I dreaded work today but...

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