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One Day at a Time


if they listened

Posted by one.day. , in Rambles 20 April 2013 · 82 views

Doesn't really make sense - just rambles. Can't sleep :(
I feel so angry and stupid. I know I shouldn't (maybe), I just fall so easily for the same traps, the same bad situations, to feel I need to be kept punished. I just want to let go and one day show them, I could be worth more.

No one noticed, even when they were told. Punishe...



Posted by one.day. , in Rambles 18 April 2013 · 93 views

Hold my hand - what if I let go? - You won't, I'm holding it tight. I'm right by you. Trust me, it'll be okay.

I'm the same age as you were now. When you went to sleep. That's how much time has passed. I don't want to be older than you. Your my big sister.

Just count the stars with me - there's too many - and they are...



Posted by one.day. , in Its all in the Past? - my story, Rambles 27 March 2013 · 103 views

I want it to go away. I want to feel clean and stop the memories. I want my sister to be here. I want the guilt to move away. I wish as the words are written, the past will disappear.


He had come home. My sister held my hand. My brother whispered that we should go. He crashed through the front door. The side table and ornaments flying e...



Posted by one.day. , in Rambles 15 March 2013 · 81 views

Didn't have the right mind to post it a few days ago.
Sis, I miss you. My heart splits a litle more each year. This shouldn't have been the end. I just have hope you are with little Ella. You kept me alive, Sis but I didn't save you. I hate myself for it but its never going to bring you back. Its never going to fill the void and ache of losin...


Secondary Survivor

Posted by one.day. , in Rambles 13 March 2013 · 76 views

I found my partners old sketchbook from years ago and he's let me share this:
To be woken in the night by her nightmares, her past echoing into the present as she cries in her sleep. Being unable to reach out and tell her its not real. When maybe it was real.

To see her struggling through the day, not knowing what she is holding inside. Not being abl...


Nics Saved Me

Posted by one.day. , in Its all in the Past? - my story, Rambles 28 January 2013 · 120 views

*abuse, su mention*

I miss her so much.

My sister and I looked at each other. This would be his new game. He knew we would both go to him. We were trying to save each other. He would find this funny. It would mean that day, we would both get hurt.

At night, my sister and I would beg each other, not to go. If it...


I Miss You

Posted by one.day. , in Rambles 11 January 2013 · 93 views

Its been two years since you were taken away from us. I'm sorry I didn't visit you today but I don't think you are there. You are free somewhere, everywhere. I know everyone misses you ever so much. I also think you wouldn't want us to feel this aching pain but I admit it hasn't stopped since that day. Are you disappointed with me? Do...


Does he hold the key to what happened?

Posted by one.day. , in Rambles 11 January 2013 · 60 views

I just want answers. Anything would do. How does he know me? How did he forget? Did he even know? Do I press it further and risk opening up to a stranger? Would he know the gaps in my mind?

I see him next on sunday and it is arkward as it is. I want to ask but I'm scared.

My grandfather tried to explain to me that I should know this guy from work...


will it stop?

Posted by one.day. , in Rambles 09 January 2013 · 52 views

it was going so good. now I'm afraid, scared of everything. why should we suffer, when they are living how they like? I'm so angry and its wrongly directed. I feel so sad and its not going away. my si is a little better but my eating isn't, if one gets better, the other gets worse.

I saw him again, I don't know if my step dad recognises...


how do I reach out?

Posted by one.day. , in Rambles 06 January 2013 · 61 views

I discovered some news that my partner's little half sisters could have been assaulted when they were younger by their dad. it was my boyfriend who called the police and gave a statement. they are eleven and eight now so my boyfriend must have been in his early teens. he won't speak about it.

I know the sisters see their dad through a contact cen...

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