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My Story as a 16 Year Old...

Posted by Floretta , 19 October 2012 · 22 views

Honostly it my not have been my fault but it was avoidable.. I went to my friends boyfriends birthday party who was turning 21, so there was alcohol, so I got sucked into it, and I was going thru a bad breakup, so I just said f*** it. His friend, who was turning 21 in two months he told me, was pouring my shots. 5 months ago, I was only 15 and I was wasted after 3. I was touched by so many guys there while we were dancing, but this guy pulled me into an empty room besides one desk, grabbed my knees and wrapped them around his waist and dug his nails in my butt and yelled at me to turn off the lights so I did because I was so scared and then he slammed the door. he threw me on the ground and asked if I wanted anyone to know and I said I dont want anything to happen, and I was too drunk to get away. His hand started started doing thing but it hurt soo bad because he was so agressive. He grabbed my hair and forced me to do that... then he pinned me to the ground and it happened... I don't know how long it lasted, but I ran outa there practicaly crying. the pain from it lasted for 2 days... Mothers Day.... and my parents still dont know...

sorry for what happen to you but when we are teens we don't think of concequences we just do things after everything happens thats when we think hope you could find the courage to tell your parents to be honest i still haven't had the courage to do it. Hope you can.

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