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Posted by Floretta , 18 October 2012 · 37 views

I'm constantly reading about how if your assaulted you gatta tell someone, and what happens to minors, and how its not your fault... the problem is, it is my fault. I'm so disappointed in myself. I 100% could have avoided it. And I'm scared to talk but thats the the only way I'll be truely happy again... im absolutly terrified...

Oct 18 2012 06:34 PM
I'm sorry for what brought you here. I read your first entry too and I am glad your boyfriend's parents suggested this site to you. They sound like they must be supportive if they found Pandy's for you! I am sorry your home situation is difficult and unsupportive. Please know you aren't alone and there is tons of support available here. Being terrified is very normal after something like what you have been through. Feeling like what happened is your fault is also very normal to feel afterwards. It is pretty much universal for us to blame ourselves for what happened to us. The truth is, it is never our fault, no matter how much your feelings tell you otherwise. It will take time before you will be able to see this but I can guarantee you that what happened to you is not your fault.

Take your time talking about it. It is important to go at your own pace, and not to rush it. It takes time. Talking about it is scary in the beginning, but you do it in small steps. That way it is manageable.

Welcome to Pandy's and I hope this is of some help to you!

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