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Helful advice

Posted by Char , 12 October 2012 · 80 views

I am new to this, I am a rape survivor. My request is this-

My daughter is in the US Navy, and almost 2 years ago she was raped on ship.
I am going to support her next weekend for the trial. Need advice on how to help her the best and the strength to not go after the ***** that raped her. She was ripped 3 inches and she is a totally changed person. :confused:

Oct 12 2012 04:24 PM
Your daughter is very, very brave. I was raped by a superior of mine when I was in the Navy, and I did not report it. But I know that it is so very hard for survivors in the military when they come forward and report. I am hoping that she gets the justice she deserves.

I think the best way that you can help her is to just be there for her. I think it is so awesome of you to be going to be with her and support her during the trial. Just listen when she wants to talk, just sit with her when she doesn't want to talk. And give her time. She has an awesome mom in you, and I think you just being there for her will definitely help her begin to heal. :)
My twin was also raped in army noone would listen to her no matter how many times she tried they would listen
The best thing for you to do hun is to be there to listen and to get her professional help and to let her know no matter what the outcome is of the trial NOTHING was her fault no one ounce I am so glad she has a mom that is willing and able to stand by her daughter through it all It will take time hun but with help she can heal hugs to you as i know it is tearing you up too

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