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reaching out

Posted by Lyss_12 , 11 October 2012 · 44 views

I don't know what to do anymore...I have an amazing boyfriend who I know I can talk to about my problems but lately I have been wanting more. I need a women who I can sit down and talk to and have them understand me. I want to reach out to my Aunt Terry who went through the same thing as a child. She is currently trying to get her life back in order and I am afraid to drop this massive bomb on her. I know that it would be good to tell someone else and I know that it would help me but I am also afraid that she will tell my parents. I am afraid that my parents wont believe me because they think that I have a the "perfect childhood." I also just don't want my parents knowing because they don't know what it feels like. I want to talk to my Aunt because we are extremely close and are basically the same person. I know that she could help me but I just wouldn't know what to say to her. Besides she is always so busy and I never really get to see her besides on holidays, which is not the best time to bring something like that up. I am in an awful situation, I just need someone to talk to about this. If I could afford a therapist I would get one but I can't.

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