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whats the point

Posted by caramelle , 06 January 2013 · 38 views

every time i try to get self help its a brick wall almost like there's no help out the for me unless i have ppl around who love me and who want to help but there's no one and im alone and thats the problem its always help for ppl in relationships no one whats to be in a relationship with people like me and if ppl do get in relationships they havent got half the issues they think they have i would love to find ppl who want to love me want to be intimate with me but they dont exist maybe im supposed to be alone so whats the point of anything having love for yourself it wont help me now everyone wants to be loved by someone else and be touched but i dont respond the same way i thought being on here would help but it doesnt the truth is ppl arent thinking about eachother they think about themselves maybe i should just be the same being nice and helping people have only lead me to be taken advantage of ive been turned away from numerous counselors and the little faith i had has gone whats the point the older i get the harder i is to deal with

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