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Woops! Been so busy

Posted by Anime2646fairy , 25 November 2013 · 126 views

Well hello everyone! Sorry that I haven't been replying and posting lately, things took a turn for the busy! I have been so stacked lately with school and new oppurtunities coming up that I haven't had any time for myself. But that's ok, I'm here now and that's all that matters right? Anyway, I wanted to tell you all the exciting things that have been going on lately. 
First off, I finished my production, and thank heavens it ended with a good note! We had tons of fun, and tear down was relatively easy this year, since our cast was so big, and things weren't that hard to take down. Next off, I got the award for most work back stage, since I was literally the only cast member working on the set. The only other person working on it was the set manager, and she was the teacher of the set class. So she and I got to bond a whole lot during this time. But I got this big banner that had the title of our musical on it, and everyone isgned it. Seeing everyone put really positive things about me on it really boosted my confidence and my self esteem for the week and it was so cool knowing what everyone thought of me! 
Second, at our final performance, we had a judge arrive and make notes and things about it, she really enjoyed herself, and she really loved my character as the lead female and she told me that she could see me going to tons of new places in the future, and it was tons of fun. But after that, our director named the three actors who would be going to LA in Febuary for this big competition and I was her first choice! It was so cool to know what she thought of me. 
Third, I went to flaggstaff and got to see a college broadway production! It was one of the coolest things I have ever been to! We went to see "Spring Awakening" by "Duncan Sheik." The music was phenomonal, and I was a fan of the music before I saw it, and seeing it brought everything to life. I really loved the characters; Moritz, Ilse, and Martha. All three of those characters I relate, literally, to their life stories, and I know what they feel and what they mean, and I was with them the entire way. I cried when they cried, I cried when they sang, paid attention to them when they were on stage, and I completely felt their emotions and felt what they were trying to make me feel. Especially Moritz, his energy was so high and so amazing that I could not take my eyes off him when he was on the stage. Afterward, we got to meet and greet, and I got hugs from those three characters, and so many others. Especially the dashing and gorgeous Melchiore. He was soooooooooo HOT! He wouldn't let go of me, and kept hugging me for a really long time, and he was so fit and firm and so amazing. But all good things are limited. After that, we had to head home. 
Fourth, a couple months ago, my boyfriend and I decided it's time to move on. He and I have grown apart, and sad as that is, it's natural life, and I can't change it now. But since then, he has gone back to philadelphia, and we are still really good friends. Which is great, but lately a good friend and I have been hanging out together and this was the man that I have had a crush on for a while, has begun to notice me, and we have made plans to hang out. He was so cool about it too. 
SO right now, everything seems to be going my way! Finally, my time to shine!!!!

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