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Never should have cracked

Posted by Anime2646fairy , 20 October 2012 · 83 views

So, why do people like to joke about things that should never be talked about? Or why do they stick there nose where it doesn't belong? an old friend whom I trusted appeared at the football game tonight and he decided to tell me straight to my face that I didn't know what a hard time was and that I never went through anything bad.
That at least I had a father figure in my life. With that, a girl in my band decided to poke her nose in and pestered me like crazy why I hated my step father and why I was so angry at him. All I have to say is he is the reason why I joined this. And yet he and my mother are still together.
All I could say when she finally pushed me to breaking, was that he did something unspeakable and something that should never be talked about nor something that I was willing to share.
That's when my old friend piped up and started laughing. He just kept saying that it could never happen and that it didn't matter. Started joking about topics that were sensitive to me.
That's when I had to leave. I cracked and broke into tears, they saw the first of them run down my face as I left quickly. I hid in the girls bathroom for what seemed like forever, but I left ten minutes later...
Why don't people understand? Why can't they leave things alone? Why can't they just.... see that it hurts when they do things like that?

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