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I might lash out....

Posted by Anime2646fairy , 13 October 2013 · 97 views


I am so prepared to pop a cap right now. I just got home from a very long night, and I was actually in a huge argument before I got home. A man that I knew a long time ago, actually saw me today and confronted me about his friend who is in jail. He blamed me for his friend being in jail, and...


I Cried, First Time In A While...

Posted by Anime2646fairy , 08 October 2013 · 93 views

Usually, I can keep my composure like a statue can keep it's stance, but as I sat in my room alone, something happened. I was doing homework for college, and I was trying to get it finished before bed, it was 2 in the morning, and something felt odd. I pulled open my drawer to find my box of pocket knives that I collect. I found myself looking at the...


Feeling Strange...

Posted by Anime2646fairy , 06 October 2013 · 71 views

I spoke to a really old friend, and he has been having trouble with his parents. Man, I remember being through that stage in my life, when my mother didn't understand what I was going through and my step-father was being a complete jerk to me. But I gave him some great advice on how I felt and how I went through it. I really felt good telling him how...


Sleeping Troubles.

Posted by Anime2646fairy , 04 October 2013 · 89 views

Do you know how difficult it is to wake up screaming, then realize your spending the night at a friends house, making everyone around you wake up in terror thinking something is really extremely wrong, then tell them it was just a nightmare, and that it was just really scary, but when they ask you what it's about, you can't tell them because they...


Unraveling the Mind

Posted by Anime2646fairy , 02 October 2013 · 60 views

I listen to a song "Possession" by Sarah McLachlan, I love it since it kind of explains what I want from someone. Someone to help me forget and to help me to release all my fears and all of my pains that I can't ever seem to let go.
Alright, aside from my little rant of the day, I wanted to say that other than the nightmares and night terrors...

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