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A bad week.

Posted by Jeze , 19 August 2013 · 89 views

So in the past week I've had an abortion and been robbed walking home from work. My family is gone on vacation, and my boyfriend is visiting his grandmother several states away. My cable has been cut off, and my cell phone was stolen. Its been a rough week, and while this post is mostly pointless, it feels good to put it out there. In regards to the abortion, Id rather not get into it right now. Pregnancy was hell, learning I was actually pregnant was even worse, and all things considered the abortion itself felt like a miracle. It was absolutely the right choice, but my hormones are out of whack, I am broke from paying for it (cant afford anything to replace my phone, not even those little prepaid phones), and everytime I google a simple medical question about it all I seem to find are people crying baby killer at me through their keyboards. Today walking home from work I was talking to my family on the phone when a kid slapped me across the face, knocking the phone clear out of my hand. His friend grabbed it and passed it off to a kid on a bike, and I was left running after them in the middle of the street screaming profanities. Filed a police report but its pretty much gone and I cant afford a replacement. I feel very isolated and alone right now, and it doesn't help that the robbery is embarrassing and the abortion is unspeakable within my conservative family. Hugs would be appreciated.

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