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Posted by BR26 , 28 December 2012 · 35 views

Sometimes I dream. Well, more often than not, I dream now. I don't recall ever dreaming as much before. I chalk it up to a side effect of my new anxiety medication which happens to be doing wonders for my chest pain. I suppose it is a logical trade-off...no chest pain for weird, exotic, illogical, and/or terrifying dreams. Unfortunately, the terrifying dreams have everything to do with HIM. Mostly his eyes. Eyes that upon first glance seem to emanate an innocence. After all, that shade of blue is quite possibly the brightest and most rare that I have ever seen. Surely anything that bright could not shelter darkness. But they are the most clever mask that could be constructed as just underneath lies the most evil and uncomfortably vibrant shades of black and red. A simultaneously coagulating and anti-coagulating mess of innocent bloodshed. An endless wretched pit for innocent souls lost, or rather, taken by him. While I can move on and not think of any of the events that have transpired to bring me here today, there is one thing that I cannot do. I cannot ever escape those eyes. They are seared into my frontal lobe so that whether my eyes are open or closed, I will always see them. I will always be lured into his nightmares.

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