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death and suicide

Posted by paintinblue2013 , 07 March 2013 · 17 views

I often think about suicide,
As if somehow itd mean
Something, as if somehow
Id bring a stop to the pain
The trials the challenges,
Of life what it brings
I think about being gone and people
Reading what I tried to explain,
The rapes the pain that wont go away
The tears that would stop,
Sheets and pillow cases that would
Dry, I wonder if then they still
Call them crocodile tears
And say they where they where fake,
I wonder if then they would see
A life that was deserving the life,
That was me, full of pain and sorrow
Not strong enough to pull through ir over
Come pain that has been my life,
Just doing research on how to end
It slowly painless and quickly
No escape no help no one to hear,
I wonder with one shot to the head,
Is that all it would take,
For them to hear my words my plea
In asking for help and all I see is one way out
Just a shot, one pull of a trigger
And it would all be over.

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