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Freeing My Mind

Posted by paintinblue2013 , 20 February 2013 · 37 views

Free my mind from intrustive thoughts
From the negivite things said when pinned
Face down in a bed, free my self from
Life, walked in living unfeeling, only emotional,
Reflections to the things I've been feeling
Free myself the night I escaped and walked
Away a live, in what now feels like useless skin,
Holding the bones with in. Free thy self from
The chains of abuse all the mean things the voices,
Say in my mind free your self in letting yourself breath,
Let the smile come back as you strengthen your wings,
And package up all the unwanted memories with a bow tie,
Letting it unwrap such obsessive tie in blaming yourself,
For being weak, as with your clouded judgement, from the experience,
In which change your judgement of the beautiful girl the beautiful women you
You once told yourself you'd still grow to be...streghten your wing some
More so one day you will sore and no more will the ropes ties
You down, no more will all the thoughts of inflicted pain, be your ball and chain,
One day all the running will set you free and being whole, feeling good again,
Will be your ultimate revenge in healing and soring higher than the thoughts
The beings who ever drug you down, or said you where undeserving.

July 2016

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