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The Demon That Becomes Real

Posted by paintinblue2013 , in Uncategorized, Poems 21 February 2013 · 132 views

We see what we watch while playing as they allow
Hiding under clovers not to hear a sound
What is next again, the bills, our spills,
Oh those walls where thin, hearing whispers, and slaps
As children try to find delight
In the hell of their parents suffering, the twisted game of life

As we start off born blinded only for world to give us scares


Listen Here Old Man

Posted by paintinblue2013 , 21 February 2013 · 99 views

Tell me old man where it says worthy women was only a virgin
Only a definition written by men, as too the bible
Whom had sorrows and once blinded country men
When god does speak itís never about a losing virginity, only fools in love,
Women too can stand her ground with only truth to say
As in our hearts they did not know they only tired to understand


Language of Survivors

Posted by paintinblue2013 , in Poems, Uncategorized 21 February 2013 · 139 views

Language of Survivors is written in hours of failed suicide
Attempts cause by thoughts of undeserving breaths
Replaying over and over as memories fills with slaps
Of drunken fools holding back hands in protest
Not thinking much differently than a bull in heat
Like a boulder not budging, trapped beneath,
Touch it weakens minds as only frozen moments in t...


Reframing What Is Left

Posted by paintinblue2013 , 21 February 2013 · 112 views

A journey in order to seek truth she began,
Understanding that once were in the back of her mind,
Hidden Lazarus lazulite eyes beneath, though even with this,
Dear woman one cannot imagine the cross you wore
The only thing that to say is it because of that pain you are worthy
We can hope it will go away and crust over like a scar,
In our darkest hours o...


Going Crazy Day By Day

Posted by paintinblue2013 , in Uncategorized, Poems 21 February 2013 · 141 views

Going Crazy Day by Day
A chemical imbalance
Is what they say
Going Crazy Day by Day
Broken feeling, senses off
Helping a pull of mind slip away
Going Crazy Day by Day
Feeling of insanity, confirmed by
Voices getting louder, one, two, or three
Telling me Iím wrong
Contradicting memories flood open heavily
What will it take, make it go away
Going Crazy Day...


Restless Thoughts

Posted by paintinblue2013 , 21 February 2013 · 116 views

Restless thoughts and its 1:03, racing memories flooding revealing
Conviction and contradictions to truth of whatís at fault
Mindless proclamations driven by cultural ways
No free thinking, no choices to make,
Beaten to be shut off, perfectly numb
Still losing sleep, but what does it mean?
Accusations in beauty, for compulsion reactions
Undeveloped mind,...


Foundation of A Broken Home

Posted by paintinblue2013 , 21 February 2013 · 109 views

A chronic stricken addiction to which one thought help set free,
Running from the struggles founded within a broken home
Memories of bottles, bruises that fade away,
Hiding in closets, plugging ears, wishing the shouts would disappear
Eventually late into the night tears would turn into silence
As they sprung quietly to hear only knowing to familiar,


Dear Aunt Mary

Posted by paintinblue2013 , 21 February 2013 · 108 views

Dear Aunt Mary my dreams are scary
A nightmare began to a blind fold unknown
Did you know Aunt Mary as I tried warning?
You to save my soul with in thinking it would have save us all
Slap me again, as I only tell lies
Slap me again and tell me Iím wrong
Dear Aunt Mary my dreams are scary
A monster he is as he say itís my fault
Born to be used only a witn...



Posted by paintinblue2013 , 21 February 2013 · 90 views

Star light had fallen, a crown that had been broken
Creative muse of a walking beauty exposed
Damaged and tainted by a sickness in which happen
To be lost within the materialistic results of ripping wings
Seeking revenge only tearing contradictions apart,
In a dark sided world, walking among the living dead,
Opening walls of truth to un-blind for the...

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