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The Circle

Posted by paintinblue2013 , in Poems 20 January 2014 · 166 views

She stood by and heard the cries

She flinches as she heard the beatings

She sat in silence as her mother was put down

And told to shut up

She walked along side tip toeing on egg shells


She only grew up counting the days until turning 18

Planning her one escape, the only thing for freedom

She stood by to hearing the women talk

Blaming themselves, shaming themselves

For having wants and needs


She grew up watching them talk about not being

Good enough, justifying their husbands tantrums

And lack of self control even claiming

That God some how allowed it.


She grew up in this circle, of never talking about the truth

Sugar coating the inside of broken dreams

The abuse became too real, the silence

Of this circle this cult that made it all real


How the girls are just seductive,

How the men have all control

As women just an object

As suffering in silence

Just tradition to being a strong woman

What was expected, and if you try to speak

Oh only if you dare, they will condemn you and shame you

Treat you with out any respect or ignore you

As shunning you and excommunication

Was what you choose, in the choice, 

The escape for freedom if you ever made it their 

As the beatings was only to break your spirit

To shut you up and help keep the secret

What was the unwritten code

Pass down to our daughters.

June 2016

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