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Im so Angry

Posted by paintinblue2013 , 20 December 2013 · 164 views

Ever since the DA had me come in at the beginning of this past October I am so angry.. I have never been this angry about anything before. They told be that it was going to go public that they would be arresting him and its almost Jan and the case has not moved. I hate the American Justice system. I feel like it is such a joke and not only that I have been waiting for this my whole life let alone I told the police over two years ago. and if they did something than there would not be another victim. I am so angry. I just want to cry and scream. They have put this case on the back burner ever since I went to the police. They don't care... and you know before that I stopped wanting to see justice. I let that go and was moving on with my life. I wasn't angry and I was at peace. and they just walk in like oh ya we have been working so hard and Im sorry we had to "prioritize" other cases. This whole experience is wearing on me and effecting so much of my life. From my work to my personal relationships. I have had to deal with so much abuse... I just want it to stop... From our so called justice system to my family I just want it to stop.  

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