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ITs Been A While

Posted by paintinblue2013 , 30 May 2013 · 114 views

Hello Fellow Survivors,

Its been a while since i have been on here. I go through days that are harder than others. I still often feel like I'm not safe especially from the system that supposedly holds people accountable for their actions. My family is all a liar. I am constantly catching them in there own web of bs and I find it more and more disgusting. Though besides that I am doing better. I pulled myself out of my depression and have gotten back into school and will be graduating this June. I have a wonderful boyfriend who has been so respectful of loving of me. I have decided to get more involved in trying to provide community awareness about rape and pedophiles. After I am done with school I am going to start to find ways to get more involved in the community. I have also been finding comfort in realizing that I do not have to have those people are part of my life. Even if they are my family they have done nothing to support me, nothing to try to help me, or help our family from the abuse. Instead they hide behind their lies and cover it up and wonder why they all have anxiety...Though nothing comes out about the truth. I also found out that an Aunt of my was raped for 6 years by one of her sisters husbands, not the same pedophile that abused me. This began making scene in why they are so secretive about it all and why no one has been able to be stronger than the abuse and stand up to it. IT makes me sad, but also relieved that I can walk away from it. I know my future doesn't have to have abuse or contain the same cycle of abuse has they have choose to hold on too. I am not scared any more and even though all my efforts to put my uncle away, and now I even feel like my aunt deserves it too, I just know I am only going to continue to stand up against it. I am a fighter and above all I am a survivor! I have also started a blog on tumblr... Heres a link


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