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Something Small We Can All Do

Posted by paintinblue2013 , in Ways to Help, Prevention 24 February 2013 · 116 views

Ever since what had happened to me and as I did research about the pornography industry, and finding and enlightening myself to the statics of rape, porn, our justice system, this still hasn't taken away my efforts to fight against it, and try to get others to understand.

Here is something small, something easy we can all do. I report web sites in which I think hold rape, child porn, disturbing or obscenity within them. I honestly don't know what it will do, if it will change anything, but still makes me feel better and like I am at least trying something, even if nothing happens, or it does save one person. It got me thinking those this morning, If I asked my friends on pandy's to do the same, only if you are able to handle it mentally. And this is a warring I will make as it can be emotionally over whelming, but for those who can and are able to mentally handle it, if 50 people reported one website, thats 50 chances of taking these people down, and stopping that material from being out there. If 100 people, thats 100 websites that are reported and maybe ultimately be shut down. If no one does it, well that 50 website producing, motivating, and continuing motivation and incentive for production. I know this is small, but it is still something in which could potentially make some kind of difference.

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