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Listen Here Old Man

Posted by paintinblue2013 , 21 February 2013 · 52 views

Tell me old man where it says worthy women was only a virgin
Only a definition written by men, as too the bible
Whom had sorrows and once blinded country men
When god does speak itís never about a losing virginity, only fools in love,
Women too can stand her ground with only truth to say
As in our hearts they did not know they only tired to understand
For this is not how men were, for six months both had plans,
Life goals instead with only promises of lies as he began to mess with my head,
Only then when finally confessing it was never me he would see,
For too many times trusting our fathers they too did repeat "I am sorry"
I told him that night, yet he would call back again
I thought I could have found love, a need for a connection,
As I am only Human, this I will admit my mistakes
Why tell me this Dear Sir, why was he seeking interest?
I was just working doing my job at the counter, a invite match his card
The rest what could I have admitted for I had still been married to another
Even though it was never legal my heart had still been broken
For he to was prince charming who found his heart-mate
All that was left self destruction I know, as we both tired not to hate,
For my gut told me it was time to leave, as their were signs
As he began to hate me for that Dream that brought me here
I told what more was I suppose to do but fallow a heart
With it, only about your judgment was it my fault,
I was simply a women seeking Love,
A world that is more than being put down for the "mistakes"
Women make every day let, him sit on his thrown
And let us him tell us if he has ever fallen off his wagon
Would he admit his mistakes? No he would hide like a coward,
These men, these men, only heartless, they choose not to understand,
No idea of the sacrifices a heart will take in order to find a heart-mate
Yet here like Jesus the will judge from never once seeking truth
They deny what realistic realities we try to make-believe to ourselves
In the end my dear friend we will all see that God will always mean love

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