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Restless Thoughts

Posted by paintinblue2013 , 21 February 2013 · 87 views

Restless thoughts and its 1:03, racing memories flooding revealing
Conviction and contradictions to truth of whatís at fault
Mindless proclamations driven by cultural ways
No free thinking, no choices to make,
Beaten to be shut off, perfectly numb
Still losing sleep, but what does it mean?
Accusations in beauty, for compulsion reactions
Undeveloped mind, panic stricken, still conformed
In the destruction of innocence, no knowledge
Blinded until the mind reflects on whatís been held back,
Suppression lasting so long fallowed by self destruction
Tainted lies perceiving what to fallow by leading
Believing that there is no good, this they make to believe,
Materialistic thing to which claims humanity the monster growing inside
Painted by the justification of intentional triggers that pulls in,
Strip down to be frozen in silent, a panic stricken struggle
To what you donít know, what you canít see
Trusting nothing, fallowing along, driven with fear
Trying to be good as it is going all wrong,
Children do as told, as what is asked for this is what is expected
What God has told while playing pretend, living in make belief?
As thinking in logic to what this means manipulation
Religion such a useful to for lacking of taking self-control

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