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Foundation of A Broken Home

Posted by paintinblue2013 , 21 February 2013 · 110 views

A chronic stricken addiction to which one thought help set free,
Running from the struggles founded within a broken home
Memories of bottles, bruises that fade away,
Hiding in closets, plugging ears, wishing the shouts would disappear
Eventually late into the night tears would turn into silence
As they sprung quietly to hear only knowing to familiar,
Irrational circular screams of being beat into submission.
Reflection in the scars that begin to crust over
Swaying in time as growing older revealed  
Only one way out with turning 18, or death? 
As thoughts turn into asking is healing an option
Or just a state of mind like the froze moment of a victim inside
Even after years of a self-proclamation that one would not be
Fallowing patterns of a subconscious retraction
When being lead blinded, only doing as told,
Living life with out a conscious state just being checked out
Fighting for worth, while boiling inside only to feel raging arise
As the question was asked what is self worth? though none felt within 
With anger and resentment for not feeling alive,
Only trying to survive; only burning desire in wanting to escape
Built with a foundation from every let down
Wishing to get away, only screaming silently 
Hopelessly day dreaming to be set free from a foundation
Of which claimed no stability, no mother for guidance,
With no probability that she would have been able to love
A father who could not take fault for the outraged held within
Lack of control to the circumstance which caged us all 
Only running from the foundation of a broken home
Realizing turning away meant never looking back
Or ever feeling sorry for being stronger
Than the foundations in which needed tearing down.

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