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What happen to Safe Words?

Posted by paintinblue2013 , 11 January 2013 · 46 views

What happen to safe words?

What happen to safe words? This is something that has been on my mind

For a while, as contemplating what it means to be a women in this world,

Taught from birth, to seek prince charming, that sex and love intimacy,

Is all suppose to mean something in which you are suppose to feel,

Cared about and loved, yet boys are taught you to or take force,

As it doesn’t matter her word, as long as they get the end results,

But this is what I find disturbing when doing inappropriate searches,

Why are there categories about fathers, brothers, and things in which,

I would never gathers, nor thought to do, and what happen to safe,

Words when drawing the line, a clear and conscious choice in doing what they do

as so easy it falls into the notion of rape,

Being okay, this Idea stemming from the root of the abuser,

And with lack of regulation we just lose porn stars, as rape is so easy

and what Hugh Hefner started is a world to which becomes the source,

The destruction of women, as they lack all boundaries to what

They will, the limits they will take all just to create a norm,

and all these young children expose to the culture, to young,

In which it becomes tied in the brain, as it is okay, as you see,

If is simply free, with no cop who cares nor tries to stop it you see,

As when coming home and taking off the badge, with nothing to do,

But feed his own addiction, his own obsession, to the women,

Getting abused, as they scream and cry and ask them to stop,

Yet somehow, its justified that is okay… As the pleasure of the addiction,

Is what cus the root of the self destruction to changing the mind,

In rewiring to expect abuse to being a norm in being used…

I just don’t understand what happen to all the safe words?

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