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Posted by paintinblue2013 , 21 December 2012 · 87 views

Hey Girls,

I am kind of worried that there are no laws out there protect women from becoming victims of pornography. This worries me very deeply and with the lack of regulation this allows for women to be abuse and exploited. Our politicians and police and even the justice system isn't taken any steps in trying to prevent or bring justice to women in regards to these issues. IT worries me for the safely of all women, and if you don't' have a choice this isn't a freedom of speech, its slavery. Yet no one is doing anything. There are categories of fathers and things I would never even thought humanly possible? I don't understand why anyone isn't doing anything and with the increasing statics why is no one trying to stop the abuse and make sure these guys are in jail where they can't hurt anyone or on a list in which at least people could find out and know what they really are capable of!!! Since when did liberty leave out the right to happiness, nor simple civil liberties such as being able to say what your boundary is when it comes to how much a individual is exposed. I need help and information to try to start something to bring awareness to how much more crime happens do to the lack of regulations. The only thing about denomination is that two consenting adults talk about it and use safe words. This is a clear and conscious decision in the matter. But when its forced and women are scream no or to stop, this is a fine line between rape and having a choice in the matter. I just don't' understand what happened and why society see this as even remotely okay? I think it has more to do with people trying to normalize rape and it needs to stop no one espiecally in America should have to worry about going out or walking the streets with a fear that even if they do get raped there are no resources for help and that the justice system in the last place you will find it. In addition I hate when people say they don't mind there boy friend getting rough with them. This is still very different than having a complete strange in which you never wanted intimacy with, which is a core correlation to how other emotional senses are connected and stimulated, and having rough sex with someone you knows cares about and loves you, its way different and not even comparable to someone just out there to try and hurt and punish you in this manner.....

I feel like people don't understand enough about this, and I don't think the police are going to the people that help stop it. If anyone has any information as to ways I can get more people attention and interest I would like help or resources!!! Child porn isn't okay, I don't understand how abusing women is any different!!!!

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