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Posted by MissHannah , 25 March 2013 · 132 views

I have alot to talk I see I need to be talking more. Sharing here especially :)/>. I had a hard day, while waiting for my boyfriend to come home I started having flashbacks and I feel shy saying this but I'm proud that I looked after myself. I just got into bed, which has nice clean sheets on it and slept til he got home. We made a pot of tea and ate some chocolate. My friend I text spoke to me more tonight and I feel I offered her the best advice/support I could tonight. It takes time, we both have trust issues but it's nice we understand eachother. I told her she could text/email me if she needed/wanted to as I'll be up and I'm here for her anytime I can be. The other night she told me she'll never leave me, I said the same. My other friend who I'm building a relationship back up with (though perhaps tipsy) told me she loved me, that we are meant to be friends and that talking on the phone isn't the same. She misses me. I didn't know I was that important I used to think she was being dramatic, I couldn't understand someone loving me without "having to". I've had a hard, draining, memorie filled day. But you know what I'm okay with that, I have a little army behind me I'm seeing :yahoo:/> :wub:/>

All of you who comment on my blog, talk to me or just post your own things. Thank you, for support and inspiration. :metoyou: :metoyou: :metoyou:

:hug: :hug:

I hear joy here.

Yep there's little bit here :). Thanks for the hugs. Take care Susanna :hug:
Awesome awesome.. friends are extremely important and the bond is truely amazing. This sounds like a super event. Treat yourself for being such an awesome friend!

Like the nature, like a tree, just want to go hug it! Because we Can, lol

Isn't it amazing, Love without a consequence!
I am excited for you tonight. All in babe! :yahoo:

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