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Posted by MissHannah , 14 February 2013 · 68 views

It has been a little while since I have been here properly due to a few reasons. One being I was finding it impossible to concentrate on anything without focusing on what I had to first. Another being I was finding it hard to be here without being triggered. I think I made the right choice in taking some time, a few things have changed and overall I feel better again and I'm beginning to feel better about myself.

My psychiatrist made our next appointment for 3 months time which I guess is a good sign, usually they are more regular than this. Something I'm quite excited about now (thats strange), I got a letter from the psychology department I'm waiting to be seen by. They are offering group psychotherapy for people who have experienced adverse and traumatic life events as they are doing research on how benificial this is. I feel incredibly lucky with the help I am recieving I know how lucky I have been so far. Along with the letter is information from the university doing the research, I was quite relieved to read that if I go for this and want to opt out at anytime and it doesn't affect what I'm waiting for. How can I not give this a go? I sent away the letter, another great thing is its 18 sessions. Theres no way it would be that many without this.

Yesterday I had my first appointment with the cpn for exposure therapy. She came round to my flat, the first session was just talking really. She had to fill some stuff out, we talked about my boyfriend and how I've been feeling better recently. She had a big smile every time I said something postive. It's really nice to have someone care like that. A few times I felt uncomfortable at her kindness but I know this isn't because of her. I'm looking forward to this easing. She explained some things which put my mind at rest and talked about what we will work on. My thinking and behaviour will come bext but first I need to be more relaxed. I have brething and muslcle excercises to do, the muscle one I should do twice a day if not more. Then we can move on.
Everything is at my pace which is so great because in her words "Feeling out of control or forced is your worst nightmare, I know" I wanted to hug her lol. :)

My next appointment is in a week, feeling quite postive about this.

I apologise for not being able to be here hopefully everyone is well.


:) Lovely to read this!
Feb 14 2013 11:15 AM
:frog: in your pocket while you go to your appointment. I'm glad everything seems to be working out.
Thank you both :) :metoyou:

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